DAY 175 Of the Rest of My Life: In which I am getting my S#!t together!

Good morning my friends and faithful followers.

Before we get down to business, I wanted to let you know that Miss Sylvia is doing Great!!! She went to her follow up appointment yesterday, and the doctor said that she is doing fabulous. She is cleared to drive and work. My niece Daphne will be staying with her for a while, so she will have help around the house. Yay!

To business!

If you’ve been following along, and I know you have, you’ll remember that I have had a problem of being really lazy when I’m home. When I’m away visiting family, or in a show, I’m super motivated to conquer the world. When I’m home, I sit in my chair and drink coffee. It’s my “Real Life” mindset. To me the reality of cooking, cleaning, errands, day jobbing, and whatnot is very boring. So, I put it off, and off, and off…….. This leads to everything piling up and nothing getting done, because I am too overwhelmed to do anything.

This morning I decided not to fall into that trap again.

On July 28th I leave for another five weeks. I don’t want to leave a messy house, because my sister and her husband will be with us for a bit as they get settled into NYC. I also don’t want to try to clean the entirety of the apartment in one day. That’s how I usually do it. It never goes well.

This morning was dedicated to the bathroom. I cleaned the toilet and sink. I also scrubbed the bathtub to within an inch of its life! We’ve been having some plumbing issues in our 90+ year old building, so the tub needed some TLC.

Tuesday, which is my day off, will be dedicated to the living room. Dust is insidious in the NYC, and when you’re not a avid cleaner, well, let’s say the bunnies are running wild. But I can do this! I’m going to channel my inner Domestic Goddess, otherwise know as Diana Wilde, and get this S#!T done! AMEN!

Today, I’m going to Roller Skate!

Here’s the Plan for today:

  1. Clean the bathroom. Done.
  2. French. Done.
  3. Breakfast and coffee. I got my delicious coffee from Puerto Rico Import Company! Done.
  4. Staples, to pick up my newly bound copy of Elijah.
  5. Off to the American Museum of Natural History for a Murder Mystery Hunt! I love this one. I play an archaeologist named Robin Blind. It’s all about the puns!
  6. Off to Brooklyn for the 40th Wiggin’ Out Roller Disco Party of the lovely and talented Leah Gerstel! Between this and the Pride parade tomorrow, there will be some fun photos for tomorrow’s post!
  7. Home! Hopefully at a semi-decent hour. I have to deliver food tomorrow!

That’s all for today. Until tomorrow my friends, thanks for reading, be well, and remember to Live Your Dream!



DAY 173 of the Rest of My Life: In which my nose hurts.

Good evening my friends and faithful followers.

After a year of missing one, I finally got a new nose ring! Well, I actually got two. Ya know, for when I inevitably lose one.

I’ve been checking periodically that the piercing was still open by putting an earring through it. That is very different than putting a curved piece of metal through the hole and keeping it there. It’s now a little irritated and sore. This would be fine, but I’m still a little congested, and I keep forgetting the nose ring is there when I wipe my nose. If I were four years old, I would say it’s an “ouchy”. Hopefully my brain will once again get used to having there.


Busy day! I had a hunt. It started at Bleeker and 6th, so afterwards I was able to get some great coffe and tea for my lover and me. Yummy, less than healthy lunch at Pomme Frites. Hey, Belgian fries are amazing. Don’t judge me. And, of course, I got my nose rings.

Tomorrow is shaping up to be another busy day, but I’ll leave that for the morning.

That’s all for today. Until tomorrow my friends, thanks for reading, be well and remember to Live Your Dream!

DAY 172 of the Rest of My Life: In which my immune system is not doing its job.

Good morning my friends and faithful followers.

I think being on four planes, and in three states in two months is taking its toll. I’m feeling sick again.

It was very strange, the second the plane touched down yesterday, my throat started hurting. Granted, it was an eight hour trek from Orlando to The Bronx. I may be a touch dehydrated, and I may have never fully recovered from my cold of the last week. I don’t know. But I do know, AIN’T NOBODY GOT TIME FOR THAT!!!!!

Seriously, I have hunts almost every day to the 29th. On Saturday I have a friend’s 40th birthday party to attend. I could stay home, but I’ve already paid for my Roller Disco tickets. And come on! It’s Roller Disco! ¬†Sunday morning I have Meals on Wheels. Why can’t I be sick during the long stretches of time in which I have nothing to do?ūüź≤(Super Frustrated Dragon)

I will weigh going to the doctor. I may also call The Doctor and get his opinion. If it’s just a cold visiting the doctor would be pointless.

On a positive note, I’m happy to have a lot to do.

Here’s the Plan for today:

  1. Coffee and leftover Chinese. Done.
  2. Read my local news. Done.
  3. Staples to print out¬†Elijah.¬†It’s time to buckle down and get some dialogue in my brain.
  4. Into the city for a Meatpacking District scavenger hunt.
  5. Over to the Puerto Rico Import Company. Every now and then I like to splurge on some really awesome coffee.
  6. Home and dinner. Not necessarily in that order.

That’s all for today. Until tomorrow my friends, thanks for reading, be well and remember to Live Your Dream!

DAY 171 of the Rest of My Life: In which I am not GaGa for LaLa.

Good evening my friends and faithful followers.

It was my last day with Miss Sylvia. I’m sorry to be going home. I wish I had arranged to stay longer. But, Mommy is feeling better and I’m sure she will be fine.

So.¬†I’m a little late to this, but I just watched¬†La La Land.¬†Unlike most Musical Theater folks,¬†I did not love it. I did not hate it. But, I did not love it. There were many things I found problematic, and things I just didn’t get. Spoilers ahead.

The main problem I had with this film was its complete lack of charm. I love that the movie was trying to emulate the “Golden Age of Hollywood” but it really fell flat. Unlike those great movies, starring the likes of Fred Astaire, Gene Kelly, Shirley Jones, Cyd Charisse, Ethel Merman, Rosemary Clooney, Mitzi Gaynor, Debbie Reynolds, etc, etc, etc, the singing and dancing in this film was very average. The exceptions, of course, being John Legend, and the actual jazz musicians. I also didn’t feel any chemistry between Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone.

The second problem I had was how they managed to make jazz about two white kids. I get it, they were the main characters, but it was kind of weird/offensive having this little white girl being the center of attention whilst surrounded by Black People in a Jazz club. Yay, for learning about jazz, but it was a very awkward presentation.

Third problem/Thing I don’t get it, what was the point the film makers were trying to make? I get the whole “Follow your dream” thing, but why couldn’t their dreams include each other? I mean, he had a great gig making money that would have allowed him to buy his club and live the dream. That was a good thing, and I don’t understand the problem. Also, as an actress, she should have understood touring. Is it awesome? No. Is it part of the life? Yes. It just seemed like they made her desires way more important than his. Him missing the show was bad, but it was necessary (read: forced) conflict.

I did enjoy her audition song. It was the only moment of connection I felt with her.

I’m not a movie critic, this is only my opinion, but I don’t understand the hype that surrounded this film. It did really well, so hopefully there will be more movie musicals. I mean I do, obviously, love musicals.

That’s all for today. Until tomorrow my friends, thanks for reading, be well and remember to Live Your Dream!




DAY 170 of the Rest of My Life: In which we went out.

Good evening my friends and faithful followers.

Miss Sylvia and I were feeling a little stir crazy today. To stave off our mounting boredom of staring at the television, we went to Downtown Disney. I know, it’s called Disney’s Saratoga Springs, but that’s just too long to say.

I’m very excited for the Orlando residents, because they now have a Uniqlo! It’s one of my favorite stores. We each got some nice shirts, and I got a cute jumper. I’m excited to have some new clothes!

We had a great lunch. We’ve taken to splitting dinners. It’s good, because it keeps us from overeating, and there’s always plenty of food.

Tomorrow is my last full day with her. She’s sou g great, and I am confident she will regain movement and strength in her shoulder.

Now, it’s time for an evening snack. Seriously, even splitting the lunch plate, we’re neither particularly hungry. BBQ is filling and delicious!

That’s all for today. Until tomorrow my friends, thanks for reading, be well and remember to Live Your Dream!

DAY 169 of the Rest of My Life: In which I am remaining positive.

Good afternoon my friends and faithful followers.

On this Sunday afternoon there is a lot going on in the world which could cause a person to loose hope in their fellow man.

Our justice system is anything but just, the Current Occupant of the White House continues to act in the worst interest of our country, healthcare is on the brink of going backwards instead of forward, I could go on and on.

With all this in mind, I’m once again focusing on the positive.

(I think I end up writing this exact post every three months or so)

As a person who lets things bother her Waaaaayyyy too much, this is the only way I will survive. I’m focusing on my family, on learning new things, on pursuing my career, on my volunteer work, and on finding ways to make a difference in ways that won’t also give me an ulcer.

Right now I’m here to help. I’m doing city meals on, but I want to look into more ways in which I can give back toy community. When I get back home I am going to look into volunteering at an animal shelter, or the Monday-Friday meals on wheels delivery services.

Even though I’ve only been volunteering for a couple of weeks, I see that this service makes a huge difference in people’s lives. This is a much more positive way of using my time. Just being frustrated serves nothing. MoW literally serves 16,000 people every week. That’s amazing!

I know I keep saying these things, but this is how I cope. And, as I always say, “My blog, my rules!”

Now Miss Sylvia and I are going to lunch.

That’s all for today. Until tomorrow my friends, thanks for reading, be well and remember to Live Your Dream!

P.S. About halfway through, I remembered it was Sunday. I’ll have some Trivia for you tomorrow.

DAY 168 of the Rest of My Life: In which I am happy to be with my family.

Good evening my friends and faithful followers.

I love my family. I don’t see them often enough, but when I do it’s a good time.

Last night we went to my niece Daphne’s graduation from phase three of the Central Florida Police Explorers. I think it was the first time I was together with Miss Sylvia, and all of My sisters in five years. There were many members my sister of Jessica’s extended family in attendance as well, so it was lots of fun!

Today, I’m still hanging with Miss Sylvia. She was very excited to be able to take a shower! It’s the little things.ūüź≤(No Longer Dirty Dragon)

She’s healing up, and feeling better. We went to see¬†Gardians of the Galaxy,¬†and hung out with Lynnette, Jessica and Clancy for a while.

Now we’re watching¬†The Force Awakens.¬†Well, I’m watching, she’s sleeping. That’s good. Pain is less severe when you’re well rested.

That’s all for today. Until tomorrow my friends, thanks for reading, be well and remember to Live Your Dream!

DAY 167 of the Rest of My Life: In which I have become a secretary.

Good afternoon my friends and faithful followers.

It’s been three full days since Miss Sylvia’s surgery. She’s doing great. We went to breakfast this morning, because she didn’t want oatmeal again. Yesterday we went to lunch, and everyone was like “WHAT! YOU JUST HAD SURGERY!!!!!” It was kind of hilarious. You would think she was on death’s door by the reactions. Miss Sylvia is a strong ol’ Broad, and a little shoulder surgery won’t keep her down for long. She was thinking of going to the mall with me, but she was super high from the medication, so I took her home. Her friend Fran came over for a bit.

I did go to the Altamonte Mall, and THEY HAD MY SANDALS!!!! I can’t tell you how happy this makes me! You see, when you get to a certain age, you sometimes have to choose between comfort and cuteness from the ankle down. Recently, cuteness has been a huge loser. I have some cute clothes, but the effect of your cute skirt can be thwarted by wearing sneakers. This is why I am so happy about these shoes! Now I can be comfortable and cute!!

Hey. I can be a strong, independent, feminist, woman, and still want cute shoes. ūüź≤(Touch My Sandals and I’ll Cut You Dragon)

Here’s the Plan for today:

  1. Breakfast at “My Breakfast Place” with Miss Sylvia. Done.
  2. Read the news. Done.
  3. French. Done.
  4. Change the card for the payments to Amazon, Disney Pass, Universal Studios Pass, SeaWorld Pass for Miss Sylvia. She really likes her theme parks. Done.
  5. Ab workout. Done.
  6. My niece Daphne’s Police Explorers Graduation.
  7. Dinner with everyone!

That’s all for today. Until tomorrow my friends, thanks for reading, be well and remember to Live Your Dream!

DAY 166 of the Rest of My Life: In which We are going out.

Good morning my friends and faithful.

It’s day two since the surgery, and Miss Sylvia is doing fine. There is some pain, but that’s to be expected. The surgeon had to shave off a little bit of the bone, so mobility is very limited at the moment.

However, there’s nothing wrong with the lower half of her body, so we’re going to go out for a little while this afternoon. Moving around, and getting the blood flowing will do us both good. Also, I found the sandals I like on the payless website, so I’m hoping I can find them in the huge store in the Mall. If not, I will just order them online tomorrow when I get paid.

I’ve sort of fallen down on my exercising. I was really sick for a few days there. I’m also much lazier when I’m home. It’s weird. I’ll have to examine the reasons why.

I’ve decided to put off¬†The Artists Way¬†until I get home. I just think that makes more sense. Plus, with the surgery and all, I’ve already fallen behind. Better to start a new next week.

Lastly, I got caught up with my French. I’m really enjoying this language program. I’m going to make my first “Artist Date” a trip to the Strand, where I will buy¬†Le Petit Prince¬†in the original French. I’m sure I’ll need to use Google Translate here and there, but I’m ready to give it a shot!

Now, I think I want a little more coffee, then I’m going to help Miss Sylvia get cleaned up, and we’ll go to lunch.

That’s all for today. Until tomorrow my friends, thanks for reading, be well and remember to Live Your Dream!

DAY 165 of the Rest of My Life: In which I am hanging with Miss Sylvia.

Good evening my friends and faithful followers.

Miss Sylvia is home and doing well.

After a great night’s sleep, (ten hours!) I picked her up from the hospital. We spent the rest of the day home. I did my French lessons, laundry, went to the grocery store, and made dinner.

We just finished watching¬†Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them.¬†Soon we will be going beddy-bye. We’re both very tired.

That’s all for today. Until tomorrow my friends, thanks for reading, be well and remember to Live Your Dream!